"Memphis to Boston" Boston Globe Magazine, 3x3 ProShow Gold, SND Silver, SINY

"Brain Flexibility" Science News, Communication Arts

"Refugee Path" Fletcher Magazine

"Secessionist Hack" Dallas Morning News, Communication Arts
By Faith Magazine, Metaleap Creative
"Global Warning" Communication Arts, Society of Illustrators NY
ESPN cover - Siung Tjia AD

"Immigrants and Refugees At Risk" Catholic Health Services, American Illustration

"Bluexit 2016" - The New Republic

"Farm-to-Table" Tufts Magazine
NY Times OpEd
"Black Lives Matter" NY Times OpEd, The Year in Illustration
"China's Forays into Africa" NY Times International

"Creative Development" unpublished

"Workplace Sexual Harassment" Wall Street Journal
"Country Cemeteries" Texas Power Magazine
"Coach's Mental Illness" Sports Illustrated
"Millennials: Lazy or Ambitious" NY Times
Bloomberg Markets
"U.S. Manufacturing" New Republic, American Illustration Selected
"Milk Allergies in Infants" Wall Street Journal
"Infertility" Society of Illustrators NY Traveling Show, Applied Arts Canada
"College Debt" Wall Street Journal
"The Suicide of John Odom" ESPN, Society of Illustrators LA
"Somali Pirates Effect on Fisheries" California Magazine
Washington Post front page
"Water Footprint" Mother Jones, American Illustration Selected
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