"Til Debt Do Us Part" ESPN,  American Illustration Selected, 3x3 ProShow Merit
"Emily Dickinson Orders Out" The Art of Eating Magazine
"Science and Justice" Washington Post

"Brexit" Wall Street Journal

By Faith Magazine - Tiffany Forester AD
"Fitting In" NY Times, Communication Arts
"The Fed Should Surprise Us" Wall Street Journal
"Healthcare Costs" Farm Futures
"Genius DNA" Wall Street Journal

Natural Resource Defense Council

"The Evolution of China" Society of Illustrators NY, 3x3 ProShow
"Funding Public Universities" Alcade Magazine
"Green Energy Finance" Bloomberg Markets
"Happiness Plan" LA Times
"The Future of Korea" NY Times OpEd
"Football Head Injuries" ESPN the magazine
"Spouse Insider Trading" Bloomberg Markets
"Russia and the Syrian Civil War" NY Times OpEd
Newsweek International cover
"Calcium Research Conundrum" Minnesota Monthly
"Investing Mistakes" Wall Street Journal
"Warsaw Nine" NY Times Book Review
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