"Fitting In" NY Times, Communication Arts​​​​​​​ Illustration Annual

"Conflict Innovation" INC. magazine, 3x3ProShow

"Decline of the British Empire" Boston Globe, American Illustration Selected

"Golf Conversation" Best Life Magazine

"Why Hawks Win" Foreign Policy Spain, American Illustration Chosen

"Osteoporosis Research" Minnesota Monthly

"Femme Fatale" LA Times, American Illustration Chosen

"Fatherhood" Best Life Magazine

"Classical Music in 1930's Germany" LA Times, Communication Arts, 3x3ProShow

Forbes Cover

"Golf Wars" Golf Digest​​​​​​​

"Dogs of War" New York Times, Society of Illustrators NY, CommArts

"Textbooks" Boston Globe Magazine​​​​​​​

"Consumer Debt" LDS Living Magazine, Gold - Society of Illustrators LA

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